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This is me

I love elegant designs, enabling data-driven decision making, making sense of how world around me works, I read a lot, love hiking and spend a lot of time thinking about science and philosophy.

I am very passionate about solving problems using data analytics. I am currently employed to help develop a data analytics center for a large bank. 

I also teach machine learning and deep learning in my spare time. Click on ML Bootcamp to head to the course i teach.

Data  Analytics 
Fund Accounting 

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ENABLE data driven

decision making and 

CONVERT data into valuable ops acumen.

I am working to develop data analytics capability in global fund services side of a large bank. My work is at the intersection of  domain knowledge in Fund accounting , data analytics and engineering.​

My typical data is spent working with stakeholders to understand their pain points, working with IT to procure and build the necessary data pipelines and productionize data analytics on that data. Thereby converting a combination of structured and unstructured data into valuable ops acumen.

This work helps leadership understand the terrain they are navigating, helps them understand drivers to some of the key metrics they track and finally enable them take data backed  decisions  to enable an outcome.

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Code repository of all my projects on machine learning and deep learning.

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